4R Management

Every success starts with research. Research is examining a topic in depth. Research; observing, recording, examining, comparing with literature, and doing experiments. So we can find a solution to the issue we are examining. Then we start applying the solution we found. But the last stop is always to analyze the results.

Research – Report – Realise – Result

“What is the difference between seelook, and watch? What about hear and listen?” 

Ambuj, India

See means to notice or become aware of (someone or something) by using your eyes

Look means to direct your eyes in a particular direction

The Britannica Dictionary

There are always things that need to be fixed – solved – improved. Success is dynamic and increases with fixing – solving – improving things. BSB is to see what you cannot see or to help you with what you see.


BSB first tries to understand the problem. After clearly revealing the problem, it makes an in-depth examination. BSB does a literature search for you. Examines the sector you are in. It compares the experiences of your competitors equivalent to your business.


No matter how big the problem is, it should be reduced to a single question sentence. After the research, BSB prepares a report to reveal all the findings. The report begins with this question sentence. Then the focus is on potential solutions.


The best solution among the suggestions is chosen. Now it’s time to try the selected solution. Sometimes there may be more than one solution.


We know the problem – made research – prepared a report – found the solution – is that all? Of course not! As we mentioned earlier, there may be more than one solution. We need to know which one is the best. We don’t want to solve the problem we want to solve the problem with success and high performance.