Analysis for everyone

Nowadays, analyses are very important for every business. When it comes to analysis, SaaS (Software as a Service), finance, banking, engineering and marketing companies come to mind first. But this isn’t something that is only for them. The analysis is a tool of truth. It shows that thing is going good or bad or will get better or worse. It gives you information to create ideas and suggestions for making decisions.

We can analyse everything: personal and professional. For example, I was wondering about my reading performance according to where I am. I decided to analyse it. My goal was the find best place to increase my reading performance. I chose three places in my apartment: a desk, sofa and bed. I started to read a book on my lunch break in week one on my desk. I did the same thing in week two, but I read my book on the sofa this time. In week three, I repeated: the same book, time, and duration in the bed. As expected, I read most pages at the table, then on the couch and in bed.

When?Mon to Fri between 1 pm – 2 pmMon to Fri between 1 pm – 2 pmMon to Fri between 1 pm – 2 pm
Number of pages read50 pages35 pages30 pages

This is a very simple example of what analysis is. It clearly shows that I can read more pages on a desk. So I can tell myself to stop reading the books on the bed and always prefer the desk. This way, I can read more books. Look, I took the first and the most important step to increase my reading performance.

As you see, analyses are for everyone. You don’t need to run a finance or tech company, and you don’t need to be an accountant. If you have a fine-dining restaurant, analyse your table turnover. If you have a take-away-only fast-food restaurant, analyse your packaging cost. There are millions of these, and they are all specific to your business and they are the keys to success.

2 responses to “Analysis for everyone”

  1. Su avatar

    What a great way to simplify analysis. Amazing!!

  2. Ugur Tandogan avatar
    Ugur Tandogan

    Dear Mr Dincel, as a person with an MBA degree, you started with a very good example of analysis.

    I look forward to more of your articles.

    Best wishes