Tips to increase revenue

What are the sources of revenue for a restaurant? Food, beverage and, of course, service! But is that all? The answer should be “NO!” This article contains tips to increase your revenue and customer satisfaction.

We all know that the main sales items are food and beverage. But your revenue depends on location and raw material cost too. In some cases selling more beverage (especially cocktails) can be more profitable. Some businesses with only can and bottle drinks increase their profits by selling more food. But there are also employe cost in addition to raw material cost because you have to prepare and serve food and beverage.

Don’t you sell anything else? Of course, you have another ways to increase your revenue. Here are some items you can sell in your business if you run a restaurant, bar, pub or lunch. These items are customised and looking fancy. Selling customised products increase your customers’ satisfaction too. And one more thing, they will also increase brand awareness by taking snaps and sharing reels!

Customised napkins

If you aren’t using napkins in your business, it’s time to start using it! It’s 2023, and even the bars are using napkins. The cost depends material (cotton, synthetic etc.) but mostly cheap. You can also make them look fancy with folding them. Only adding most popular names to napkins left but BSB can help you with this.

  • Cost: £
  • Storage difficulty: Easy
  • Sales potatial: High

Customised staff t-shirts

Do you have a iconic brand? For example, you have a jail concept pub. Your staffs are dress like prisoners or guardians. You should definitely start selling these clothes. Selling clothes is more advantageous than others because you don’t need to add names on them. They are already fancy.

  • Cost: £
  • Storage difficulty: Easy, but it depends brand awareness
  • Sales potatial: completely depends brand awareness

Customised glasses

This one is more for pubs and bars. It would be really cool to have a stand of customised beer, wine and gin glasses on the side of the bar. Your customers just grab a glass with their name on it and order a drink from the bar.

  • Cost: ££
  • Storage difficulty: Medium
  • Sales potatial: High

Customised plates

This one is more for fine-dining restaurants. It is not profitable if you don’t have ample storage space. It also depends your customer segment.

  • Cost: £££
  • Storage difficulty: Difficult
  • Sales potatial: Low